Each Client is special and the services are adapted to each one’s requirements :

Temporary Accomodation:

  • Booking of temporary accommodation according to guidelines set up by the employer (budget, size, location).
  • Accompanied hand over of the apartment.
  • Coordinate utility connections (television, electricity, internet).

Home Search:

  • Assessment of client’s needs through means of transferee questionnaire.
  • Matching client’s needs with available accommodation.
  • Preparing a homesearch tour where client is accompanied to visit selected properties.
  • Final selection of properties- completion and sending of applications to the "Regies" (Agency representing the owner) or owner of properties.
  • Lease negotiations (rent, terms and conditions etc.).
  • Setting up the rental guarantee account with the bank.
  • Coordinate utility connections (telephone, television, cable, internet, electricity etc.).
  • Detailed hand-over protocol.

Administrative Formalities:

  • Accompanied registration at ‘Office cantonal de la population’.
  • Accompanied assistance in opening a bank account.
  • Accompanied assistance in obtaining a local driver’s license.
  • Guidance with the Swiss Insurance System and making sure that the client has appropriate insurance.

Child Care/School Search:

  • Assisting the client with the application process for various crèches/Schools.
  • Coordinating appointments for the client.
  • Finding day care help through well reputed services in Geneva.

Orientation Tour:

  • Assessment of client’s needs through the transferee questionnaire.
  •  Introduction to practical and cultural aspects of life (housing, insurances, public and international schooling, banks, transport system etc.).
  • Visit of several residential areas.

Cultural Orientation:

  •  Assistance with the French language lessons.
  •  Help in enrolling with appropriate cultural /leisure activities.
  • Complete explanation of the cultural aspects of Geneva.

Administrative formalities upon departure:

  • Cancellation of utility and rental contracts.
  • Cancellation of various insurance policies.
  •  Disconnection of telephones (mobile and land line) and internet.
  • Coordinating exit protocol and deposit refund.
  • Notifying city authorities on departure.
  • Assisting the client to transfer lease contract to a new occupant.

Specialised Real Estate Services:

  • Assistance with property purchase.
  • Office Space.
  • Interiors/Designing.